Emma Tricca | New York | Music Video & Short | Selected Super 8mm Stills

— Details illuminated in photo-chemical flare, flash in my mind’s eye;

Street signs and signals, cafes and their patrons, street markings and traffic, window displays and reflection, guitars and gunslingers, brickwork and paving, concrete and glass, fire escapes and steam vents, rooftops and skyline, subway trains, commuters, Coney Island baby’s, sunsets over Manhatten from way-up-high to dirty canals and the Hudson shimmering in the winter haze with the lights upon the distant towering horizon. All things I believe indicative of New York from a strangers cine-eye.

All stills are taken from my set of forthcoming music videos for folk musician Emma Tricca.

Here are a selection of images from my solo wanderings across the city.