— The light of ancient knowledge illuminates the shadows of pre-history.


Rising from the depths of deep-time the Callanish Stones emerge from the darkness, an ancient beacon illuminating humanity’s cultural and spiritual past, symbolically connecting the earth and sky.

For over a millennia the pre-historic stones were obscured beneath layers of earth. Only recently, some 150 years ago were they excavated and revealed to the modern eye.

Hand-painted and manipulated film reflects the continual weather flux and earth layering which occurred over time, burying the stones.

This filmic communion with the ancient site depicts a cyclical procession around the stones as they steadily radiate light, offering the viewer meditation on their awe and beauty.

The soundtrack was recorded by Demian Castellanos on a Goya classical guitar using a Zoom WAV recorder. This simple composition of conventionally picked guitar and drone was recorded on location within and around the stone circle site.

Beacon was my entry for the Bishop’s Art Prize (2018) in response to the theme ‘Light in the Darkness’.

The Bishop’s Art Prize is a multidisciplinary exhibition held annually at Norwich Cathedral.

The film was awarded 1st Prize out of 23 shortlisted students from Norwich University of the Arts.