Emma Tricca - Julian's Wings - Julian Hand - Music Video - New York -S8mm

Emma Tricca ‘Julian’s Wings’

— Down in the South Suburbs, Julian’s Wings are touching down… emma tricca ‘julian’s wings’ dell’orso records The lead track from Emma Tricca’s brand new album St. Peter. The track is taken from the Emma ...

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Neon Rendezvous London - Julian Hand


— An attempt to glean a personal poetic interpretation of the obscured luminescent poem omnipresent across the capitals plethora of neon signs. NEON RENDEZVOUS LONDON   NEON PROJECT PROPOSAL: ‘Neon Rendezvous London’ is an attempt ...

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The Oscillation ‘From Tomorrow’ - Julian Hand

The Oscillation ‘From Tomorrow’

— A holographic transmission from a distant future visits the present to wander and survey an apocalyptic landscape… THE OSCILLATION ‘From Tomorrow’ All Time Low Productions/Hands In The Dark Records   The Oscillation ‘From Tomorrow’ ...

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— Amidst undulating waves of liquefied celluloid, heavens electrified and sea of grain, lies a forgotten oceanic shrine. THE OSCILLATION ‘Lament’ All Time Low Productions   Here endless serpentine corridors entwine a subterranean, paranormal plain, ...

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