The Oscillation ‘Truth In Reverse’


— A look so lost, a face so dead, that perhaps those whom I met did not see me.

THE OSCILLATION ‘Truth In Reverse’
All Time Low Productions/Hands in the Dark Records


My initial inspiration for the video drew directly from the David Wojnarowicz photographic series titled ‘Rimbaud in New York’.

The artist’s images depicted a lost persona wandering the streets of a rapidly changing New York in the form of a photographic journal.

The artist sort parallels between his own existence and that of the French poet Arthur Rimbaud.

I was drawn to the images of this sorrowful character for their overwhelming sense of blankness and dejection.

A lost face in the ever-morphing metropolis.

I decided to create a series of masks to emulate the ‘Rimbaud in New York’ style.

The masks were printed both in positive and negative tones.

My intention was to experiment with the footage by inverting the black and white images in post production.

With our strange masks in hand, we ventured out into the city in search of streets for our blank figure to traipse.

The track is taken from The Oscillation album ‘Monographic’.