— A psychedelic trip across a barren, disintegrating, lunar landscape abound with ancient monolithic relics from a distant age.

All Time Low Productions


‘Future Echo’ is my first successful attempt to combine the aesthetic of photo-chemical film and digital video tape.

All of the landscape footage was shot on Super 8mm film and digitally transferred using my home Tele-Cine viewer and a Mini DV cam.

The special effects were created using my liquid light show projection techniques and recorded using a digital camera.

The film mediums were then layered and combined in post production.

We shot the video on location in Kent around the Dungeness coastline and marshlands.

Our location shoot also lead us to the famous monolithic pre-radar listening ears otherwise known as the ‘Sound Mirrors’.

The special effects were generated using an Overhead Projector, glass bowls, links, oils and various house hold chemicals.

Track is taken from The Oscillation EP ‘Future Echo’.

Screened at:

BBC BIG SCREEN EVENT, Walthamstow, London, UK. 2011.

BRANCHAGE (Jersey International Film Festival) Channel Islands, UK. 2010.