The Oscillation ‘From Tomorrow’
— A holographic transmission from a distant future visits the present to wander and survey an apocalyptic landscape…

All Time Low Productions/Hands In The Dark Records


The Oscillation ‘From Tomorrow’ is the long awaited follow-up or sequel to my 2010 video release ‘Future Echo’.

Continuing the post-apocalyptic thread we are confronted by a landscape void of human activity.

The barren domain is cast in negative tones as an irradiated vortex looms on the distant horizon.

This time we are guided through this strange and otherly world by a phasing holographic wanderer.

We are guided by the holographic transmission across dead industrial zones and brutalist compounds in pursuit of the floating galactic portal.

I consider this video piece an example of my hybrid film techniques.

I have married Super 8mm film with digital video to build a kind of moving collage.

All of the landscape scenes were shot on Super 8mm film of which was then processed and digitised.

The vortex, holographic transmission and all other special effects were recorded digitally.

The footage recorded in both mediums was then married or combined in post-production.

The track is taken from The Oscillation album ‘From Tomorrow’.

Film Screened at:

Raindance Film Festival, Piccadilly Vue Cinema, London. 2015 (The music video was shortlisted to the final 6 best videos by festival judge and filmmaker Don Letts).

The London Short Film Festival, Celluloid Traces Program, ICA, London. 2015

The Tate Modern Turbine Hall Festival, LSFF Program, Starr Auditorium, Tate Modern, London. 2015

Branchage Film Festival, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK. 2014 (Supporting short to Under the Skin by director Jonathan Glazer).

Femina Potens’ ASKEW Film and Performance Festival, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, USA. 2014.

The Oscillation - From Tomorrow

The Oscillation - From Tomorrow 2