Raindance | Hands on Super 8mm Workshop

 Raindance - raindance Film Festival - Hands on Super 8mm Workshop - Workshop - Julian Hand - Douglas Hart - Filmmaker - Super 8mm
An exceptional opportunity to learn the basics of Super 8mm Filmmaking from 2 of the country’s top experts – Douglas Hart and Julian Hand. 10 students learn how to make a Super 8 film, then went out and actually made one!

Super 8mm is the entry level film format historically used for home movies. It’s soft grainy textures have long been the favourite of professional filmmakers who exploit Super 8mm’s qualities for any movie requiring a special and filmic ‘look’.

Raindance presented a 2 Saturday Workshop – separated by a month – to allow students to learn the basics of using Super 8mm (week one), and then shoot a roll of TRI-X 200D B/W Reversal Super 8 Film (provided) and view and discuss the rushes (week two).

Together with Douglas Hart I co-designed and tutored the workshop for Raindance.

Here’s a selection of photographs illustrating the activities of the workshop across the two full days.