Event Photo Gallery | Hidden Hills Festival, Lincolnshire

– Light Show –






Light Show Instillation & Performance for the Hidden Hills Festival:


Glass slides, water coloured inks, coloured oils, household chemicals, acetate photocopied images, toner, glue, coloured gels and projected light.

Utilising the strength throw and luminosity of an Ex US Military Large Format Slide Projector he intends to project upon and illuminate the outer surface of the old Granary building.

Using a combination of common household products, chemicals, paints and the careful rigging or re-adjustment of the projector the large- scale projected image will thus move and distort betwixt undulating optical disarray and calm.

The old Granary building will be lit up by a series of painted slide projections which will endeavour to conjure an alternate reality or portal upon its exterior giving rise to the imagination boundlessly complex cosmoses or infinitely detailed macro universes and all possible dimensions in-between.

The projection will act as a mesmeric portal to which the imagination is invited to spring… During the performance, the projections will move in a fluid organic fashion oscillating between the gentle and the frenetic.

Via the projector – incredible new images originating from all kinds of chemical and physical reactions, many of them induced by chance and wholly individual.

I openly invite any interested parties to inquire or involve themselves in the process during or after the light show performance.

The audience will have the opportunity to either remain a spectator or engage in a lost or redundant form of slide projector image manipulation.