Erosion - Julian Hand NUA Masters - Landscape Film Experimental

EROSION | Inter-Change of State

— A beautiful yet ruthless inter-change of state. Erosion | Inter-change of state   Relentless coastal erosion has seen many metres of land lost to the North Sea’s ravages. With the capacity to both reveal ...

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Beacon - Bishops Art Prize - Julian Hand


— The light of ancient knowledge illuminates the shadows of pre-history. BEACON Rising from the depths of deep-time the Callanish Stones emerge from the darkness, an ancient beacon illuminating humanity’s cultural and spiritual past, symbolically ...

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Neon Rendezvous London - Julian Hand


— An attempt to glean a personal poetic interpretation of the obscured luminescent poem omnipresent across the capitals plethora of neon signs. NEON RENDEZVOUS LONDON   NEON PROJECT PROPOSAL: ‘Neon Rendezvous London’ is an attempt ...

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DO IT | Film by Julian Hand - Music by Demian Castellanos

DO IT ’77’

— Beyond experimental S8mm short, set to a cover version of the Pink Fairies track of the same title. “DO IT, DO IT, DO IT”. DO IT ’77’   The video ‘Do It ’77’ is ...

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