Music Videographer | Experimental Filmmaker | Light Show Artist


I explore moving image through cine-film, analogue and digital video and various forms of light projection. I incorporate these image making practices into experimental video work, music video, site-specific installation and light show performance. My work over the past decade has been screened and performed at music & film festivals and galleries in the UK and internationally.

I often use analogue film for its aesthetic and expressive possibilities. I work in what I consider a hybrid fashion, combining photo-chemical film and digital processes, usually electing to finish my films in a digital format. My process is a marriage between analogue and digital technologies. I enjoy and am comfortable moving freely between the two mediums.

My experimental lens focuses frequently and explores themes as varied as industrial decay, landscapes and places of abandon, forgotten structures, sound mirrors, omnipresent neon poetry, suburban zones, holographic transmission, outsiders, shifting reality and the exploration of the micro and macro universe.

I’ve worked for or collaborated with a multitude of independent bands and record labels in the direction of music videos and extensively on the live circuit via my light show performances.

My projection work endeavours to utilise redundant, obsolete or vanishing methods of visual manipulation.

I transform the ambience and space on stage in order to stimulate the audience’s sense of perception and create a richer ‘live’ experience. A sonic and visual assault on the senses.

My delivery process incorporates liquid light techniques, analogue vision and digital VJ mixing.

Via the projector – incredible new images originating from all kinds of chemical and physical reactions, many of them induced by chance and wholly individual.

Combining common household products, chemicals, paints and the careful rigging of a projector my images move and distort between optical disarray and calm.

My projections act as a mesmeric portal to which the imagination is invited to leap. During a performance, my projections move in a fluid organic fashion oscillating between the gentle and the frenetic.

To date, I’ve had the pleasure to have worked or collaborated with The Oscillation, Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind, Toy, The Black Angels, Clinic, Mama Rosin, Freakapuss, Heavenly Records, DC Recordings, All Time Low, Moi J’Connais, Hands in the Dark Records and much more.

I’ve also tutored workshops in S8mm filmmaking and light show production for various organisations including Raindance Film Festival.

I divide my time between music video direction, creative lighting and personal projects.

If you have any questions regarding my work please feel free to write me via my contact form.